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If you are interested in boosting your business with Venture Hawai'i, we now offer advertising packages.

PACKAGE 1: Basic Advertising - $150

- Your website link will be featured on the Support Local section

- Your advertisement will be featured on the Mo'olelo section. Here, you would be able to write your own business info along with business story and photos included. Your story will also be promoted on our Instagram and on our weekly newsletter.

- Every so often your business will be featured on our Instagram as our #SupportingLocalsSunday. 

- You will receive a countless number of posts, promotions and advertisement on our social media.


PACKAGE 2: Product Photos + Website Feature - $250

Venture Hawai'i is known for our countless number of adventures. This package will provide you product photos used on our adventures that you can use for your business. You must first provide us with your product and we will use them as much as we can on our adventures and get product shots with them.

On  every adventure we have, a story on our experience is featured onto our website. If your products are taken with us, we will add your product photos in the story along with your website link. 

All rights to the product photos are yours and may be used freely. Your product posts will be posted both on @venturehawaii Instagram as well as my personal Instagram @tonysed_ (combined 70k+ followers).  

PACKAGE 3: Combo Package - $300

This is our special combo package that includes EVERYTHING listed above. 


Instagram Package - $50

Our @venturehawaii Instagram has created a network all across the globe for adventure seekers totaling over 60,000 followers. We offer $50 per post if you would like to feature your product. Products must pertain to Hawaii and/or adventure lifestyle. Photo must have some type of adventure theme. Product & photo is subject to approval before posting. Once approved payment must be made before post. Post must be scheduled by you following Hawaii Time. 

If you would like to select this option please email us at regarding your product and potential photo.


Package pricing is subject to change without notice. All sales are final. 



Feel free to email us at for any further questions. Submit payment below and lets begin our venture together!

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