Born and raised on the Big Island, Anuhea considers herself an amateur photographer with nothing but a gopro capturing what the Big Island has to offer. But with the island providing some of the best places to venture to, she's able to capture what VentureHawaii is all about. Being stuck indoors as a teller Mon-Fri, she can't wait to venture out on the weekends and explore. As a religious person, she has a great appreciation for Gods creation and loves to see his awe-inspiring work. Living on the windward (east) side of the island, she knows where all the best waterfalls are. Some of them secret spots, that only some locals know about. Check out her instagram at to see what life on the Big Island is like.

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Hiking before she could even remember, Jasmine has always felt the most comfortable outdoors. “My mom would tell me how she and my dad hiked the Nā Pali coast while three months pregnant with me and that’s probably where the need to explore grew inside me.” Born and rasied on Oʻahu, her favorite childhood memories were short hikes in Mānoa, checking out all her favorite streams, and surfing trips to the north shore with her dad. Having a lot of freedom as a child, she quickly became connected with the land and ocean, learning to, hike, swim, surf and sail (placing in 4 out of 4 different Jr. Olympic sailing events). Today when she isn’t working one of her three jobs, sheʻs making time for adventures with amazing people. Sometimes needing a break from Oʻahuʻs fast pace, Jasmine frequents the island of Maui, visiting friends, family and to enjoy the beauty Maui has to offer.
Some of her goals are to explore more of the world with Hawaiʻi at heart and an aloha state of mind, keeping her rooted to the culture she knows best. “I will never forget where I came from and it keeps me motivated to strive on, venture on and to keep venturing Hawaiʻi. I only hope to inspire others to do the same.”

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Fulfillment from Mauka to Makai is what Kekuhaupi'o Likua, a Molokai born and raised, waterman and hunter, strives for in his everyday life. Rooted in Hawaiian culture combined with a passion for exploring, an ideal day includes surfing, hunting and fishing. Inspiring others to dream big, push limits and live each day as if it were your last. He has been enjoying worldly travels, but is always reminded that there is just no place like home. Wherever he is, he practices his philosophy of positivity in all that he does. To catch a glimpse of Keku's exhilarating lifestyle, follow him on Instagram @keku_likua

Alaskan native, Kiel White grew up with hunting and fishing as some of his first memories. This passionate lifestyle led him to graduate the study of Natural Resources and Environmental Management from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa. Shortly after falling in love with Moloka'i he moved to the island to pursue his lifelong career of giving back to the 'aina. You can check out the daily venture by following him on Instagram @ki3l_white.

“There is no passion to be found in playing small, in settling for a life that is less than you are capable of living.” - Nelson Mandela

Originally, I was born in the Philippines. I was just 13 years old when I moved to Hawaii. When I first landed here, I was instantly blown away by the lush beauty this welcoming island had to offer. Being at the age of 13, and being completely new to the state, I was always curious and anxious to see the beauty of look outs, hikes, and trails from a different perspective. Of course, because I was only 13, and had such hard working parents who hardly had time off I wasn't able to do so, not right away at least. Despite my curiousity of all the adventures that comes along with living in such a beautiful state; I forcused on my education first, and did some activites (fishing, riding kealia bike path, and hiking short trails) with my family when we could. The views, and adventures I got to see and do at this age was cut short, however, I always knew and believed only time would allow it, and only the lord above would put more adventure into my life when the time was right. Now, I have seen areas of this island, more than I ever had before. With spacing my time between work, and my love for adverturing. I can't wait to see more of the breath taking beauty this island has. When I am out there adventuring, I always have a feeling as if I am really communicating with nature, being in touch with the aina and respecting it's presence. Whenever I am out on an adventure, I always find my peace. Being surrounded with the beauty I am surrounded with makes me so thankful of it all, makes me forever grateful to have gotten the chance to even move out here. I aspire to travel the world and see more beauty the lord above has made for us all. but, for now, Hawaii is enough. Until I am able to live the dream of traveling, Hawaii and all it's beauty is enough; getting to share that through photographs with everyone else is a dream itself. Forever grateful to call this place my home  Venture strong!! 

From the mountain, to the sea, and everywhere in between, you will find Nikki adventuring across the Big Island where she was born and raised. Blessed to be raised by parents who instilled the values of compassion and appreciation for the outdoors, she now enjoys spending her free time venturing through the mountains, hiking through secret trails, climbing and jumping off waterfalls, diving for crayfish, spearfishing, and living the country life being surrounded by animals on her family's farm. She hopes that through her crazy beautiful life, she will inspire others to live their lives compassionately, actively, and adventurously. 


"If someone asks me what I do for a living, I will tell them; I am a dreamer, a sunlight chaser, a nature addict. I have a masters degree in laughter, a collector of memories, and a mermaid wannabe. A frequent smiler, a future teacher, and a devoted animal lover. I'm an accident prone adventurer, a fierce lover, an empathetic soul, and hopefully when I look back, I can say I was a professional life rider, a world changer, and a full fledged compassion giver. That would be a long introduction, &would look weird on a resume. But it's what I'm doing when I feel like my life is one that's really living." 

Born and raised on the island of Oahu, Sabrina aka “Sabwah” to close friends and family, grew up in Manoa Valley. Feeling very fortunate to have been raised on an island, surrounded with such beauty, from mountain to the sea, naturally she had a love for nature and being outdoors. For as long as she can remember, she recalls playing outside and coming home sweaty and dirty as a kid. Then when school and work, became the focus, all her time was preoccupied, and the fearless sense of adventure was put on a long hold, and seemed like only memories.

 Until she met her boyfriend Henry @fishkillah808, a watermen and free diver himself, her sense of adventure had awoken. With no fins, a little apprehension and curiosity, she swam out with him and his friends. After gazing around the ocean floor from the surface with her mask and snorkel, it was pure bliss, and at that moment she knew she could do this forever. “It’s an exciting and therapeutic lifestyle spent with good company; getting the experience on film is just a plus.” She’s pleased to tell others that she wasn’t always this little mermaid swimming with dolphins, diving for shells, or taking “tako booty” shots every “ Tako Tuesday.” She was once a timid person, and was afraid of trying new things, and still is sometimes!  The experiences that are captured and shared serve as a reminder for herself and hopefully to others as well that: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

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Dayton Cantiberos also known as "Little Cheeks" was born and raised on the beautiful island of Oahu. Growing up in Oahu, Dayton's young life was always surrounded with sports since his father was an outstanding athlete.   Dayton played baseball, basketball, boxing and football. About 7 or 8 months Dayton started body boarding & realized this is what he wanted to do. One day Dayton said, dad I found my true passion and its body boarding. Oh boy was his dad surprised but said if this is what you want to do daddy will support you.  From that day on Dayton's passion has turned into a family hobby.

Living on the east side of Oahu, Dayton is surrounded by beautiful breathtaking beaches where you can find him at Maks or Sandys practicing to get better.  At 11 years old and so new to the sport he's taking chances at unreal shore breaks. His perseverance and drive makes him push to ultimate limits.

Dayton would like to thank Jesus for always watching over him, his father, Aunty Chelsey, his family and his friends for all their help and support in working towards his dream. A great thanks to uncle Shane Lono.