Andre Alejandro, Paint Activist - December 14, 2013

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Andre Alejandro, 24, from Anaheim, California. Ambitious, he came to Hawai'i to paint murals, but left shortly after because of a mural opportunity in Los Angeles. He found us through Instagram and immedietly met up.  Meeting with "business only" intentions and leaving with a life long friendship. We shared the same type of thinking and had long conversations that will not be forgetton. This is his story.


Andre came to Hawai'i on a mission. To express his style of art by painting murals. Walking around the streets of Honolulu he met the owner of Cha No Ma, a Nabe & Organic Taiwanese Tea restaurant. Displeased with constant graffiti, he asked Andre if he could have a mural painted.


Residents that live in that area see graffiti up and down Kapahulu Avenue. They were very appreciative when they saw Andre painting something more than just street graffiti.


Mixing paint to create his own colors, he started around 5AM. Unsure of what to paint, he let his brush do all the talking.


His style is very unique. Switching from big brushes to finer brushes constantly. Using a variety of different brush strokes.


"Ultimately the goal is to paint all over the world inspiring people of all ages to release their creativity. Whether its photography, cooking, painting, singing, videography, dancing and so forth. Also, I have a personal goal of evolving into the greatest painter I can possibly become and eventually journey into music,  film composing and directing my own creations. My mind contains certain visions of intricate detail and color the world has yet to see. I do this to promote change inducing epiphanies into the minds of the viewer. The world is due for an industrialized revolution, a new age renaissance and humanity is due for a hero. The goal is not to be the hero, the goal is to spark the mind of the individual who progresses humanity and is remembered as a hero. I paint, for it is a calling. I create, for creativity is rare now a days. I promote love, peace,and life, for these are all we need to live. I shall continue painting the world till my demise."

- Andre Alejandro


As people drove and walked by, they expressed nothing but love and appreciation. Honking their horns, yelling out "SICK!" gave Andre more motivation on his art. A number of people walked by and took photos as they passed and a few residents stopped to talk story. The nearby residents were very thankful. "Every week I see the owner re-paint the wall because of graffiti, but this... this is nice. I hope they don't tag it up again," a nearby resident said.


"People who have changed the game that they specialize in like Salvador Dali, Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, Jimi Hendrix, Janice Joplin, Beethoven, Mozart, Miles Davsl, Tholonius Monk, Q-tip, Quest Love, Mos Def, Socrates, Picasso, Van Gogh, Jean Michel Basquiat, Stevie Wonder, Jacque Fresco, Robert Nesta Marley, John Lennon, Tony Sedillo and so many more. These people influence me not only by thier work, but their journey. Trying something different according to their taste. True entrepnuers who have become innovators by default, changed the game, then changed the world. I am on a mission to work with the sharpest entrepreneurs in the world. Those who are on the come up and refuse to quit."

- Andre Alejandro


The sun went down as Andre put the finishing touches on his mural. Shortly after this piece was complete, he received a huge opportunity in California to paint murals. A few days later he left, but his artwork still hands today getting positive feedback from the nearby residents. It truly was a life changing experience not only working with Andre, but sharing knowledge and building a friendship. 

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