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DISCLAIMER: The content of this website has been created for entertainment purposes only. If you decide to go to any places featured on this website be cautious and enter at your own risk. is the personal website of Robert "Tony" Sedillo & Kyla Vida. We will not be liable for any injury, medical fees, loss of life, legal fees, fines or property damage as a result of your actions after viewing Venture Hawai'i Lifestyles, LLC content. Please do not use content on this website without permission.

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It is a constant battle between people who choose to keep locations secret and those who are open about it to reveal. But what the underlying problem is respect. As Venture Hawai’i Lifestyles, LLC we share the countless adventures here on the islands, posted on our Instagram and our website but it is the one’s own self, as an adventurer to have RESPONSIBILITY and RESPECT for our Hawai’i home. We would hope to believe that everyone who chooses to venture out and explore malama our islands and have aloha for these wonderful adventures available to us. Unfortunately, there are those who still need be taught and those are the ones that we need to teach and preach about respect and the love of our islands. Simple things like cleaning up after one’s self, or picking up trash that someone may have forgotten are very simple ways that will help our Hawai’i and our future generations to come.

By reading our disclaimer and viewing our website, you are agreeing to our disclaimer.  Always remember to proceed with Aloha and Malama our Hawai'i.