Ehukai Pillboxes - May 27, 2013

GOPR7564 2.JPG

First family hike together. My Uncle Paul & Aunty Rhonda always hiked many different trails when they find the time too, but now that Kyla & I starting hike a lot more they wanted to join in, along with my cousins Kekoa and Chantelle, and Chantelle's boyfriend Kyle. 


This is a short hike, but we got lost on a connecting trail and hiked longer than expected. If you find this view you're on the right path.




It's not very long after till you reach the first Pillbox.

GOPR7403 2.JPG

& another 10 minute walk to the next Pillbox. 

GOPR7385 2.JPG

Gotta love family.

GOPR7558 2.JPG


Also this hike is perfect for the sunset. Check out the video below from the sunset hike with Jordan Abear & Caylee Abear.