Hamama Waterfall - April 19, 2015

On a gloomy Sunday we decided to hike to Hamama Falls.

We started the trail later than usual. Mid morning-ish, was pretty easy the beginning and gets harder later. NOTE: Trail is owned by Board of Water Supply, enter at your own risk. Read our legal disclaimer before proceeding.

Wasn't long until we reached this spot! It was so humid I was ready to join those group of boys jumping in!

After we left the pool we hiked a steady incline for another 30-45 minutes. Feel the burn!

Majority of the trail is a gravel road, but at the end you reach a regular trail. From here you're less than a minute away!

The falls were flowing so nicely!

Awesome day to get out and Venture to such an amazing waterfall. We haven't been to one in such a long time but it was nice to get back and appreciate nature's natural beauty.