Hanauma Bay Rock Brigde - April 7, 2013


This was me and Kyla's second time to the Rock Bridge. The first time we looked for the Rock Bridge took us about 4-5 hours of venturing Hanauma Bay Ridge (See story below). For Paul's birthday he wanted us to take him there so we went.  


Rest stop half way up the paved road. From left to right: Paul, Kyla, Kelsie, Me, Olivia. 


From the paved road you will find a dirt trail on the left hand side. This photo is actually from the hike back, but this is what the trail looks like. 


We passed by this rock structure. It looks like it shouldn't be touched so we passed it respectfully.


Then we go to the bridge. Conditions on this side of the island are always rough so if you do attempt to walk on the rock bridge, proceed with caution. One wave can easily knock you off balance and right into the sharp reef below. 

Hanauma Bay Rock Brigde - February 12, 2013


First time we found the Rock Bridge. This hike usually takes about 1-1.5 hours, but took us 4-5 hours of venturing.


From the paved road, we found the trail leading left onto the ridge. 


We ventured the whole makai side, all the way down to the bridge. Can you spot Kyla?


We continued on... 


About 4 hours in and was about to turn around and call it a day but we ventured to the very end of the island where we found the Rock Brigde.