Hawai'i Adventure Diving - April 4, 2015

About a year ago we spend Kyla's birthday inside a shark cage, but would you dare to venture outside the shark cage? That's exactly what Hawai'i Adventure Diving is all about!

We headed out from Haleiwa Boat Harbor on the North Shore of Oahu early that Saturday Morning.

It was a beautiful day.

The water was a little choppy but that didn't stop us! Nervous and excited we approached the spot.

Soon as we pulled up, we jumped right in!

Right away sharks started showing up. We swam with both Sandbar Sharks ad Galapagos Sharks.

I don't know who was more curious me or the shark!

As a free diver, the fear of running into a huge shark often passes through your mind. Most times that I've encountered sharks spearfishing I've tried to chase it down to get a photo but they would run away. It felt good swimming with such amazing animals and gave me a little more comfort next time I encounter a shark while diving. Learning their behaviors will help all of us better understand sharks and will help us protect our sharks for future generations.

It was an awesome experience and look forward to the next trip out with H2O Adventures! You can book your shark tour at