Hawai'i Floating Lantern Festival - May 26, 2014

Every Memorial Day in Hawai'i thousands of people come together and honored those who gave their life to protect our freedom. This was our second year attending and just like the first, it was an amazing experience.

Because of the crowd we decided to go to Magic Island earlier, a lot earlier. We did some shopping at Ala Moana from 1pm - 3pm then relaxed in the shade until about 5pm where majority people already was standing on the beach.

People spend the whole day at the beach to make lanterns and get a good spot for the ceremony.

The ceremony started at 6pm. 

It started to rain, but passed quickly. A rainbow appeared right behind the crowd! I wonder who else seen it..


The sun slowly started to set behind the mountains.


Tens of thousand of people gathered with their lanterns ready.


As the sun set behind the mountains, canoes started laying out lanterns in the water.

Followed by that, everyone began to light their lantern and set it out to sea.


Thousands of lanterns lit up the sky.


Always remember, we are the land of the free because of the brave.