Hawai'i Shark Encounters - January 12, 2014


For Kyla's birthday I decided to throw her in a shark cage! There's nothing like showing your love for your significant other than putting her in a cage surrounded by sharks.

With so many different companies offering shark cage tours, I booked Hawai'i Shark Encounters and it was well worth it. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff who educated us on shark species and their behaviors. I highly recommend booking with them for your shark cage experience.


About 15 minutes after leaving Haleiwa Boat Harbor we arrived at the shark cage. A slight chill goes down your spine when you realize that you're about to jump in the water with one of the world's most feared animals.


Soon as the captain turned on the engines, a few sharks showed up. They recognized the sound and know that they are going to be fed.


I volunteered us first to get in the cage, since I knew Kyla was a little worried. Soon as we hit the 700 feet deep water, we seen sharks. A very surreal feeling of being in the water with sharks, especially when they come up close to the cage. While free diving and spearfishing I came across two white tip reef sharks that scared the F out of me. I felt way more protected in the cage.


We got to see Sandbar Sharks, later while we were out of the cage a 8-9 foot Galapagos shark came by.


Kyla loved her birthday venture. Want to give a big Mahalo to the crew at Hawai'i Shark Encounters, we highly recommend to book with them for your shark cage experience.