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Cash prizes for most points scored:
1st place- $1000
2nd place- $300
3rd place- $200
4th place- $100

Other prizes are based on whatever our sponsors are donating, and we will go from there. Either, we will add the prizes to the cash prized winners, or if we have a good amount of prizes donated, we will probably do a raffle.

Hawaii Spearfishing League 2015
DATE:    Saturday, March 7, 2015
Time:    8:00 am start time, 1:00 pm finish
Location: Sandy's 2nd Bathroom
Entry Fee: $110 (per team).

Visit www.hawaiispearfishingleague.com to sign up. Or mail check to:
Derek LeVault 99-1120 Halawa Hts Rd Aiea, HI 96701

Spearfishing's popularity in Hawaii is at an all time high and still growing. Yet competitive spearfishing, in the eyes of many divers, has not evolved to promote the ethic, nor reward the skill, that characterizes committed divers throughout the island chain. By awarding more points for higher quality fish the role of luck in determining a winner is minimized. Safety, however, is maximized by requiring a single float with 12' line that gives a dive team no choice but to operate "one-up- one-down." Additionally, a 6 fish maximum and one per species limit stresses selective harvesting methods. Lastly, these tournaments award cash prizes, and plain and simple, cash is king. These unique rules and the dedicated participation of Hawaii's best divers combine to make the Hawaii Spearfishing League an event not to be missed.

Tournament Rules:
Pre-dive check-in by 7:30 am:
• • •
Diving team must check-in before and after dive. Immediately after returning to the beach, before weighing fish or washing gear, check in! Diving team must physically check-in at desk and not be just nearby Each diver is responsible for his/her safety. PLEASE BE SAFE AND FOLLOW ALL RULES!
•    6 fish maximum, 1 fish per species
•    Invasive fish DO NOT count towards 6 fish maximum. 1 point extra per invasive caught will be added to total •    This is a buddy system meet, so one up, one down at all times. At no time, are both divers allowed under water, unless for an emergency.
 •    12' (4m) tag line to float. NO anchoring float
 •    Must have diver down flag.
 •    Each team starts at starting line/buoy and must return to the same place.
•    Swim out only (no boundary). Only swimming and absolutely no walking on beach during dive. NO boogie boards, kayaks, surfboards, boats, and etc.
◦    Must swim from starting line to dive spot. ◦    Once a diver touches the beach, he/she will not be able to dive again or will suffer disqualification. Divers may swim to shore to walk back to the finish line if
 •    Guns must be unloaded when at the starting and finish line/buoy. You may load guns once the horn is blown signaling the start.
•    Divers must be within 20' from their buoy at all times. Stay together or receive disqualification.
•    You may upgrade fish. Please bring in all fish. You will not be disqualified for upgrading unless the fish are below state limits. This is so fish are not being killed and
•    Only top 6 fish will be counted.
 •    Team must decide what fish will be weighed in. Once officials receive fish, all decisions are final.
•    All fish are to be 1 inch above legal state limits. If diving teams don't know the state limits, look them up. If fish are below tournament limits but above state limits, they will
not count towards your catch. If fish are below state limits, that will result in an automatic DQ.
•    NO bringing chum! Divers are allowed to shoot their own chum and use for the tournament
•    Flashers are allowed.
•    Because of the extensive boundaries for this event, there will be NO safety boats or observers
•    No power heading fish.
•    Only pole spears or spearguns may be used.
•    All teams must reach the finish line by 1:00 pm or will be disqualified. There is absolutely NO grace period.
 •    All protests must be made immediately after dive.
•    No brining catch or frozen fish. Absolutely NO tampering of fish allowed! Judges have final decision.
After Dive:
•    The weigh-ins will be held once the divers come to shore up until 2:00 pm. This will be located at the same place as check-in.
•    Winners will be announced that day.
 •    Food and drinks will be provided after weigh-ins.
•    Awards will be presented after all team catches have been weighed in.

• •
4 team cash prize awards will be given out for “Most Points Scored” ⁃
1st- $1000
2nd- $300
3rd- $200
4th- $100
Best video will win $125. Details to be announced on tournament day. Sponsors are providing additional prizes for catches such as largest tako, most invasives, etc. Check the HSL website or Facebook page to learn how to win.
Points Per Fish / Pound System:
Maximum points for weight will be 20 points for fish over 20 lbs. Each fish varies in points depending on difficulty of fish. Unlimited invasives, 1 point per invasive regardless of weight.

FISH LIST and Points Per Fish: 20 Points
•Pelagic fish, 1 of each species (Bill fish, Tunas, Mahi-Mahi, Ono, Kamanu)
• Mu
10 Points
•Ulua, only 1 from list (Omilu, Yellow spot, White, Menpachi ulua, Paopao, Island jack)
•Goats, 1 of each species (Kali, Kumu, Munu)
 •Uhu, 1 of each species (Whiptail, Fantail, Pananu)
5 Points
•Opelu kala
 •A’awa (Table boss)
1 Point
•Knives, 1 of each species (Kala, Oceanic Pualu, Pualu, Palani)
•Roi, Toau, Ta'ape = 1 point only, regardless of weight
Point system example:
•    Mu 5 lbs (20 points fish/5 points for weight= 25 points)
•    Enenue 7 lbs (1 point fish/7 points for weight= 8 points)
 •    Ulua 100 lbs (10 points fish/20 points max for weight= 30 points
•    Roi weighs 1 or 100 lbs = 1 point
 •    24 fish / pieces of invasive = 24 points
> Total 6 fish points + Total 6 fish weights + Invasives points = Your total points


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