Ka'ena Point Pillbox - May 4, 2014

Shortly after leaving the Ka'ena Point Coastal Reserve we decided to hike to the top of Ka'ena Point where the pillboxes are.


The hike to the pillboxes are relatively easy. We saved about an hour walk in the hot sun by off-roading in. Pack a lot of water on this hike, it gets very hot!


The fence protects the nature preserve from rodents, mongoose, dogs and other animals.

You could see a real faint trail, but the terrain is real dry with rugged rocks and branches that stick out.

There is couple of platforms on the way to the top. This is about the third platform. 


There's this little house looking thing. We brought a flashlight because we heard there was a cave nearby. Looking down into the house was a ladder that lead down, but it was way to sketchy to go down that way.


We did find this little door passage way after we got a tip from a couple that was already on the trail. 


We went inside, ventured a bit but it was pretty spooky. There wasn't much in the cave so we decided to go to the top.


On one side we could see the North Shore coast. Many fishing poles was out in the water for the Island Colors fishing tournament.


I could see my truck! & another truck had gotten stuck in the mud. By the time we got down he was still stuck. He drove in the soft mud and his truck just sank in it, I hope he made it out okay.

The opposite side we could see the West Side of Oahu.

Then we could see the very tip of the island. The place we ventured too before this pillbox.


It was quite an awesome day! Beginning with the Ka'ena Point Coastal Reserve and ending at the top of Ka'ena Point. We hiked back down, off-roaded back out and went straight to Haleiwa Bowls for a refreshing Acai Bowl.

Directions to Ka'ena Point Pillbox:

There is two ways you could reach Ka'ena Point Pillboxes. Either from Mokuleia Beach on the North Shore or Yokohama Bay on the West Side. Park your vehicles before the paved road ends and walk in. If you have a  4-Wheel Drive vehicle, by all means drive in at your own risk. Once you walk in you'll reach a green fence which marks the protected area. Walk along the green fence until you're about center of the mountain. Look for concrete structure, from there you'll find a trail to reach the top.