Kalihi Ice Ponds - October 4, 2015

It was a rainy-sunny day so why not hit a waterfall?!

With Football Season back we decided to do a short trail where we could watch Sunday Night Football where our team the New Orleans Saints beat the Dallas Cowboys!!! Sorry had to mention it! Haha , We decided to hike Kalihi Ice Ponds where we knew the trail was short and easy.

Always remember to "Malama The Aina" or take care of the land.

The trail is actually closed and you risk being cited and fined for getting caught on the trail. We ran into a number of people on the trail so I'm sure it's regularly hiked but this is a courtesy heads up. 

There's a lot of water on the trail, prepare for your shoes and socks to be soaked! 

About 20-30 minutes in to the walk of slight incline you'll reach trail head. From here it's a downward slippery hike for about 5 minutes.

At the bottom just cross the river and...

We got there! So lucky it was empty. We knew its a popular hike.

We swam for a while, water was nice and cold. Then we decided to climb up behind the falls.

It can get slippery, but there is a rope to get you through the climb.

From the top theres another two more connecting falls. We chilled here for a while before we headed back down.

We got to enjoy the falls before it got crowded. I washed it down with a GR3EN and headed back home to watch some football! There have been many accidents here with people jumping from the rocks to the right. Please be careful and use caution when doing such things.


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