Kapa'ele'ele Trail - July 15, 2013


The original plan was to hike Pu'u Piei Makai, which connects from the Kapa'ele'ele Trail in Kahana Valley, but the plans changed for us. We were stopped by Ervin Kahala, a local resident, who asked if we wanted to take a educational tour in his garden. We took his tour and learned a lot more about our cultures in the polynesian triangle and how we are all closely related.


All his crops are organic and donated to the church that provides food for homeless people. We learned that there are 250 different types of Taro & 150 different types of Banana! He also let us pick Guava from his trees to try them and take with us on the hike.


Also Uncle Ervin Kahala showed us his signs and their meanings. He put up these signs after the Kahana Valley eviction victory. In 2008, the state tried to evict 6 families from Kahana Valley & Uncle Ervin stood his ground. He shared with us his story and you can read the full story about the eviction here.


Directions to Kapa'ele'ele Trail:

Park in Kahana Valley. Walk through the valley, you'll find signs that direct you to the trailheads. Kapa'ele'ele starts on the right hand side. End of the trail is the bench. Pursue further to hike Pu'u Piei Makai.