I ordered my gun when he first started making guns and used it every dive since then. By far the most accurate gun i've ever shot and it packs a punch. Inquire within his Website to place your order! 

Screen shot 2014-05-31 at 9.13.52 PM.png

With my gun i've been catching many more fish! Don't forget to check out more catches from friends that also use a KCS Hawai'i Speargun.

 My KCS 130 RH

My KCS 130 RH

 My KCS 105 RP

My KCS 105 RP

Brandon Ramos-- owner and designer of Kauai Custom Spearguns--is dedicated to creating exceptionaly unique handcrafted enclosed track spearguns.

The guns are personally customized to suit your requests and designed exclusively just for you. Our passion for innovation, precision, and outstanding craftsmanship is true to form. KCS spearguns are durable, original, smooth and sleek. They are more than "just a gun." www.kcshawaii.com

Jimmy Bergantinos getting his KCS ready for action! Along with Ethan Pantil rising from a Menpachi hole.

Adrian Hose putting down some Pelagics with his KCS.


Brandon Tamayo out in the deep stalking some prey.

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