Kulana'ahane Trail - December 29, 2013


Last hike of the year we decided to hike to the end of Kulana'ahane Trail along with a little of Moanalua Saddle.


This hike is relatively easy but very long. About 10 miles round trip and the last climb to the top is the hardest.


We passed by multiple bridges with a fresh water stream flowing beneath. When it rains heavy in the valley, it becomes very harzardous. Flash flooding often occurs here. If the river is flowing heavily prepare for your shoes to get wet in about 40-50 river crossings.


Walking down  Kamananui Valley Road theres a lot of historic signs about plants, land, and history. This one in particular speaks of the Heiau that is right in front of the sign which if you look closely, you can see petroglyhs.


After about 2.5-3 miles of walking we hit the trail. This is also a hunting area so be very careful when passing through. We passed about 12 dogs and 4 hunters before we hit the bottom of the summit.


The trail is well maintained until this sign. Once passed, the trail is heavily overgrown so watch your step!


Deep in the valley. Taking many rest stops up this climb. To the left of me there is a huge waterfall. It wasn't flowing today, but it was nice. We could not get a good photo due to lighting. Special Mahalo to Delight Brand Clothing for the gear (T-Shirt). 


Then the view. Once you hit the top there is a sign saying Trail End and you get this amazing view overlooking the H-3 freeway and Kaneohe. 


From Kulana'hane we could see the top of Haiku Stairs (Stairway To Heaven). From Kulana'ahe it is possible to get to the top of Haiku Stairs through Moanalua Saddle. About a 12 hour day.


Snack time!


While eating, another group of hikers made it to the top. April, owner of The HI Escapade hiking blog, recognized us. It was nice meeting other hikers that go on many trails and volunteer maintaining trails. We've used her blog to plan many of our ventures as well. Note: If you do recognize us on a trail, don't be shy. Chances are we are carrying extra stickers to give out and it gives us an opportunity to connect with our supporters. From left to right April (IG: @aprooo), David, Sarah (IG: @acupofsarahtea), and Daniel (IG: @bakabreath). 


H-3 Tunnel exit/entrance & a cave high up on the mountain.


After a bunch of photos we decided to continue along the ridge.


We hiked along the ridge for about 20 minutes. It was very windy which made it very dangerous. 


Then our long journey home.


Mahalo for all your support in 2013, can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for us!

Directions to Kulana'hane Trail:

Park at Moanalua Valley Park is at the end of the Ala Aolani rd. Follow the little dirt road at the park, pass the gate and begin the trail. Follow the Kulana'hane trail signs. Watch for hunters in the area.