On the North Shore of Oahu lays Laniakea Beach also known as Lani's or Turtle Beach. This beach is know for its perfect surf break during the winter and known for all the turtles swimming in the area close to shore or sun bathing on the sandy shore.

During the summer there isn't much surf. It's a great beach for kids to play on the sand. Every beach we go together I always got to throw out a few fishing poles in hope for a lucky fish to bite!

Not every time that you go to Laniakea Beach you'll find a turtle laying on the sand. After a few tries we finally spotted one! We found what worked for us is either go right before sundown and they'll be eating their last meals on the reef or midday they'll be sun basking while taking an afternoon nap.

& in the water you can get pretty close but always remember LOOK! DON'T TOUCH! It is a federal offense to touch any turtle, kill or harm any turtle.

Under the bridge there is a beautiful remembrance mural.

Laniakea Beach is a great beach to meet some turtle friends and relax to watch the sunset. Definitely one of Oahu's popular beaches.