Makaha Flag Pole - February 22, 2014

After our other hike got cancelled due to rain and being chased out by cows we decided attempt to get to this flag pole. NOTE: There is no trail. The climb consist of boulders, loose falling rocks and advanced rock climbing. I do not recommend this hike to inexperienced hikers. Please read our Legal Disclaimer.


The climb was real tough. Winds were variable so barely a breeze, no clouds, thick vog. We took advantage of any shade along the way up. There is many grasshoppers, bee's and spiders on the trail. The rocks became hot, almost too hot to grasp.


We were able to see deep in the Makaha Valley. Because it was raining so much the last couple weeks, it was all green!


There also was a some type of surfing tournament going on, we had the best seats in the house.

Then we reached the top!

We could see Kea'au Beach Park on the right side.

Also, could see Beal Patrick's Pond.

First hike on 2014 in the books. Special Mahalo to Red Label Clothing for the shirt!

The upside Hawaiian Flag means "Nation in Distress" which is now more commonly seen in our islands after the illegal overthrow of Queen Liliuokalani in 1893.

As we stated earlier we do not recommend this hike. It is very dangerous and hazardous, please read our Legal Disclaimer.