Manoa Falls - July 10, 2014

With all the rain hitting our Hawaiian Islands from Hurrican Iselle, we decided to check out a waterfall when the weather cleared. Originally we planned to check our 2 out of 7 waterfalls located in the Manoa Valley but  it didn't go according to plan.


 We arrived at the Manoa Falls parking lot around 9 AM. After paying for parking ( $5 regular or $3 Kama'aina ) we started the trail. The trail was closed because of the weather it was "at your own risk" as they warned us.

This trail is very easy-moderate on a well maintained trail and is a popular hiking spot for those visiting Oahu. Great for hike for kids!

It felt good getting getting back on the trails. This was our first waterfall hike of 2014.

After about half an hour we came across this arch made up of two trees. Super cool!


The closer we got to the falls the more slippery it became. Once we hit these stairs I knew we was getting close!

We could see Manoa falls in the distance.


You could spot Mountain Apples above the whole way down, but just a little to high to reach! Would of made a great snack.

Then we arrived at the falls. It was pretty crowded so we took a few photos and turned around in search for a few other falls.

We got lost in thick trees and brush trying to find any sign of a trail. It was very humid and after getting chased by 30-40 mosquitos for two hours we decided to find our way back. we ended up taking a nice tour back coming across this old Hawaiian Hut. Although we cut our day short we plan to go back real soon in search for the other 6 falls of Manoa Valley.

Directions to Manoa Falls:

Type in your GPS 3860 Manoa Rd Honolulu, HI 96822. Pay and park and the trail is very obvious. Have fun! Pack mosquito repellant!