Mauna Kea Summit Sunrise - October 6, 2014 

On our Big Island trip we would have never thought we'd be watching the sunrise 14,000 feet high on Mauna Kea.

The day before on the way to Hilo. We stopped by the Mauka Kea Recreation center for a bathroom break. The air outside was "mainland cold" as we said. 

We also stopped by the Lava Fields!

@epictours on Instagram invited us a long a venture, a sunrise off-road trip to the top of Mauna Kea on our last day on the Big Island.

We left our hotel about 3:30am to take the hour drive out to the bottom of Mauna Kea to meet up with James, owner of Epic Tours. We jumped in his jeep, put it in 4-wheel drive then started our climb.

We got to the top just in time. The sun was just rising.

The air was 35 degrees, it was way too cold for us!

Looking all around.

Then the sun broke out above the clouds. Look at those sun rays.

So we decided to take a few photos!

The buddy pose.

It was well worth waking up so early on our last day. Just put the icing on the cake for the end of our trip.

Just want to send a huge mahalo to James Ward of @epictours for this amazing experience. If you're vising or living on the big island and want to venture definitely check them out!