Mokoli'i Island (Chinaman's Hat) - October 15, 2013


For my birthday this year Kyla took me on a kayak/hike to Mokoli'i Island, commonly known as Chinaman's Hat. 


Mokoliʻi translates from Hawaiian as "little lizard." According to Hawaiian mythology, the island is the remains of a Giant Lizard's or Dragon's tail that was chopped off and tossed into the ocean by the goddess Hiʻiaka. The common name of Chinaman's Hat derives from its likeness to the conical Asian hat.


It's a short kayak trip to the island. Takes about 20-30 minutes and about half way out, the views are amazing.


We docked our kayaks on-shore facing Oahu. Cooled ourselves down before we began the hike. 


The hike is quite short, maybe about 20 minutes. Steep incline and some light rock climbing.


The weather was perfect! Amazing views of the Eastside of Oahu! 


Thank you Kyla for making my birthday awesome! Even if I look constipated in this photo! Haha


Directions to Mokoli'i Island:

Park at Kualoa Ranch Beach Park. Swim, paddle board, or kayak across the ocean to the island. You can beach your belongings at the spot in the photo above or the beach on the backside of the island. Follow the pink ribbons to the top.

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