Mokulua Islands - January 13, 2014

Part two of Kyla's birthday venture we decided to borrow my uncle's kayak and venture out to the Mokulua Islands on the East Side of Oahu.

Parked at A'ala Lanikai Beach we found a public access point that probably leads the shortest paddle to the island.

Right behind us we could see the popular Lanikai Pillboxes hike with a bunch of people enjoying the view.

Then the adventure began!

After selling my bigger truck to a smaller one I didn't have enough room to fit two kayaks like how we paddled out to Mokoli'i Island (Chinaman's Hat). We was planning on renting one, but my uncles kayak was able to fit both of us no problem!

We got to the sandy shore of the left island in about 30 minutes since we were both paddling.

Looking back at Oahu, we decided to start our venture the right side of the island.

We came across one beautiful tide pool. Jumped in a quick one and ended up venturing the entire island looking for more.

After the tide pool, the terrain gets tougher. Loose rocks, not trails, and cliff side rock climbing.

The backside of the island was very dangerous to cross. With the ocean crashing against the rocks sounding like thunder and a steep drop made this cross very nerve wrecking.

Then we found another swimmable tide pool.

We swam in it for a while until we headed towards the backside of the island.

The ocean conditions were real rough and we hit a dead end. There is a spot on this island where people go cliff jumping off of which is right around the corner. I attempted to get around by climbing vertically up the rock above me. DO NOT ATTEMPT. I made it to the top of the rock, nervously shaking. Nothing but sharp reef and white wash to brace me if I fell. At the top there is no where else to climb to get to the back side. Luckily I got down safely.

Before we headed to the other side of the island Kyla wanted to jump in another tide pool.


The surf made it too dangerous to cross, so this is where we decided to chill and rest up before our paddle back.


Tired and hungry we began to paddle back.

Kyla wanted to take selfies while I paddled back. It was her birthday, no complaints there. Haha

We got poured on half way on the paddle back. When I turned around there was a rainbow!


Wanna wish Kyla a big Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoyed your shark cage dive with Hawai'i Shark Encounters and your kayak to Mokulua Islands. Also, want to send a big Mahalos to Delight Brand Clothing for providing us with our apparel.

Directions to Mokulua Islands:

Park at Kailua Beach park or find street parking in the Lanikai residential area. Kayak, paddle board, or swim out to the left island. There is a nice beach there. Leave your water craft on the beach, begin walking the left side of the island where you'll reach the cliff jumping area.