Mount Olomana - April 15, 2014


On a Monday we decided to hike Mount Olomana. Olomana is made of 3 peaks and it a very advanced hike. The day was very windy and gloomy but we gave it a shot.

Although Olomana is a maintained trail, it is a very advanced hike. Two people have died on this hike and it made me a little spooked out on it. Headstrong, we went in. 


Off the trail we spotted this Koa Tree with a sign asking "Can you spare some water for this Koa Tree?"

So i grabbed my smart water and gave the koa tree a few electrolytes. 

The entire way up to the first peak is steady incline with some rock climbing.


Shortly after we reached the first peak with an awesome view!


It was a very windy and overcast day but we could see most of Kaneohe and all of Kailua! We both decided to wear our Venture Strong shirts which can be purchased on our website under Apparel.


Then we headed to the second peak.


Getting towards the second peak was relatively easy.

Top of the second peak.


After the second peak I just got a bad vibe. Something told me "not today, hike another day." I was about halfway down when we decided to turn around and call it a day. The longer I sat looking down the peak the more it told me to leave.

It's not like us to turn back early, but better to be safe than sorry.

Until next time Olomana, we'll be back to conquer the third peak.

Directions to Mount Olomana:

Take the right turn at the Second Auloa Road and take an immediate left to the road that runs parallel to the highway. Park on the left side when you reach a small bridge and take the trail located on the left side.