Nu'uanu Reservoir - November 3, 2013


Nu'uanu Reservoir was build between 1890-1910. Four reservoirs were built, one with a water tower (picture above) to control water levels. After World War II freshwater game fish was introduced to Hawai'i. The first opening of catching game catfish was July 5-6, 1969.


Now days, it is illegal to go to the reservoir. Fishing was shutdown in December 2009 and now you can find a well guarded fence to keep people off of the water tower. One person did pass away from jumping nearly 60 ft from the top of the water tower into the shallow water below. By reading this article we encourage you NOT to attempt this jump. 


On August 30, 2013, the Board of Water Supply has announced that the Nu'uanu Reservoir will undergo major repairs to re-open for fishing once again. We do not know how long it will take to re-open for fishing but if you happen to pass by proceed with caution. You may be at risk to being cited or arrested.