Pali Notches - May 19, 2013


This hike was on Kyla's list for a while and finally had a chance to conquer it.


Pali Notches is directly opposite of Pali Puka with Pali Lookout right in between.


You gain elevation extremely fast. Be careful near the cliffs ! 


The "Shaka Vrksasana" pose by Kyla Vida

The first notch. 

Second notch. 


After the second notch we turned back since the rain was coming. Next time we'll attempt Pali Chimney. Also special thanks to Adrenaline Fiends for the gear. 

Directions to Pali Notches:

Park at the Pali Lookout. Walk towards the lookout while looking for a sign that says "Area Closed" on the right hand side. Follow the trail straight up the notches. After the second notch you'll reach the Pali Chimney. Must bring own rope to climb the Chimney and attempt at your own risk.