Papakolea Beach or Mahana Beach/Bay on the Big Island of Hawai'i is 1 of 4 Green Sand Beaches in the world. 

After leaving South Point we decided to check out the Green Sand Beach because it was so close. We got their about 4pm where we were stopped by Ben, a local braddah that works for the Green Sand Beach Shuttle Service. He told us it's a 3-mile hike in and a 3-mile hike out which was way to far for it being 4pm and an hour drive back to our hotel. He said for a small fee he can drive us there in 4-wheel drive on the rough terrain so we jumped in the back and headed down to the beach. Only took about 20-30 minutes.

We got there and couldn't believe our eyes. Was truly beautiful and the water had this greenish to blueish color.

So we headed down to the beach.

Message from The Locals.

The sand was so soft, it felt like we were walking on clouds. Can you see those people on the top of the cliff. Come to find out theres a spot you can jump off too! Not too sure the exact spot so be careful and check the ocean depths before jumping!

Some slow shutters.

Looking closely at the sand you could see so many different minerals. Undescrible. Some sand, some clear, some green. We admired the beach and sand up until the rain started to come in and decided to leave before getting soaked.

Just a friendly reminder.

Once we got back the sun just had set on the horizon.

& the sky made the end of our beach trip a perfect ending.