Poamoho Trail - July 28, 2013


My Uncle Paul & Aunty Rhonda got us permits to join them for the Off-Road & hike of this trail. Off-roading was fun, and the hike was extremely long, but when we reached the view, it was breathtaking. 


As for the off-roading, in order to get a permit for this trail you need 4-wheel drive vehicles. Like Jordan Abear's parking stall? 


Then we started the trail!

photo 1.JPG

It is a very long walk. Easy trail but it just never ends!

Soon there was no view of any urban life. It was beautiful being surrounded by green.

Then after countless number of hours we finally made it. It was such an amazing view of the east side. We could see Kaneohe Bay, Kahana Valley, Pu'u Manamana, Pu'u Piei and down Ka'awa side. Everything was just so green, it was well worth the long hike.


Tired, hungry, and sweaty, we make it to the end. About 7 miles round trip. There is also a cabin you can sleep in to complete all the other hikes that connect such as the Wahiawa Loop Trail.  After a few photos and a snack we ventured back.


Check out the video from our venture here. 

"Love our land and growing things."