Pu'u Manamana - January 13, 2013


For Kyla Vida's birthday we hiked Pu'u Manamana.


When we started the hike, the weather was really muggy. It started to rain and made the trail a lot more difficult.


While Brandon Enos & Kristen Ramones started their climb, we stopped to take a few photos and enjoy the view. 


By the time we got almost to the top of the ridge line, the rain had passed giving us an amazing view.


We could see (from left to right) Kahana Valley, Kahana Bay, Pu'u Piei Makai, Hau'ula, and Crouching Lion. 


After that scenic point, you can follow the ridge up to the top of the mountain. From there the trail is very narrow and where there use to be a rope to help you climb, the rope was gone. We decided to chance the climb anyway, we made it to the very tip top and turned around. Very spooky from this point (Photo above), on. Hike safe!

Directions to Pu'u Manamana:

Enter off Kam Highway by Kahana Beach park and Mahie Pt. Look for the pink ribbons, there is no trailhead.