Pu'u Piei Makai - August 25, 2013


Pu'u Piei Makai is now one of our favorite hikes to do. Here's Emil Svrcina on the ridge.


Frank, Emil, Kyla & I headed out, started from Kapa'ele'ele Trail. 


The hike is quite strenuous. It's a completely incline slope the whole way up with amazing views. There is many strawberry guava plants on the trail that refreshed us.


We took many breaks. With the thick vegetation we barely got a breeze so we took advantage of any spots in the shade. 


After about 5 hours with a lot of breaks, we made it to the top. Don't mind me in the photo on the right, there was bees !


The ridge line divides two ways, Mauka towards the mountains & Makai towards to the sea. We decided to hike the Makai side of Pu'u Piei. The trail on the ridge, as for the trail to the top, is very overgrown so proceed with caution. 


Directions to Pu'u Piei Makai:

Park in Kahana Valley and followed the pave road till you find the Kapa'ele'ele Trail sign. Begin the trail until you reach the bench, pass the bench until you take a left at the pink ribbon. If you cross the dry/wet river you went too far. Follow pink ribbons to the top.