Rainbow Falls - October 4, 2014

A very popular waterfall lookout on the Big Island is Rainbow falls. No hiking necessary.

The first sign at the parking lot.

From the parking lot to the lookout is about a 30 second walk.

The falls was following so I busted out our Canon 7D and to get some awesome shots!

To the left of the Rainbow falls sign theres a walkway.

It doesn't overlook the falls..

But led to this huge tree. Just amazing!

After that we found a trail which led directly to the falls. Be very careful and proceed with caution. It is a very high drop and is very dangerous. It is also a flash flooding area. Be very careful, cautious and do at your own risk.

The view was crazy and we could see the people back at the lookout point and threw a shaka!

Directions to Rainbow Falls:

47 Rainbow DriveHCEOC Business ParkHilo, Island of Hawaii, HI 96720