Hawai'i is known to have hundreds of green sea turtles. Visiting Hawai'i may be your chance to swim wtih them up close. In our islands we can turtles, Honu, which means turtle in Hawaiian.

Almost every each you can spot a sea turtle swimming along the shore, popping their heads above water for air or laying on the beach. Sea turtles are considered an endangered species and it is illegal to touch, harm, kill or take sea turtles anywhere. Fines can be as high as $100,000.

If you're lucky you could find them basking in the sun. Be sure to keep your distance allow them time to rest up.

I seen them in the water almost every time I go spearfishing.

Especially when I start chumming to bring in fish they start coming close to grab s free meal. DO NOT attempt to feed turtles.

But first.. Let me take a selfie.

Some people may say that turtles just eat seaweed, but through experience and this photo i've seen turtles countless number of times eating my fish. Eating my catch. This time in particularly, the turtle at half my fish before it grabbed the attention of a shark so I swam in after.

Although you may want to come up close, please keep your distance when encountering turtles. Mahalo