Spearfishing has been Hawai'i lifestyle since the days of our ancestors. We honor them by keeping the tradition alive through ocean conservation and preservation of our waters. We do our part in the ocean by taking only what we need for our families, removing debris, taking out the invasive species and respecting the ocean in every way. Recently, we starting entering dive competitions, not as a sport, but to connect with other divers that share the same lifestyle.

Team Venture Hawai'i is built upon unity and respect. We respect our ocean, land, communities and we respect each other.

Tony Sedillo (@tonysed_) // Joe Hipolito (@jhipwundah) // Mo Sanchez (@biggmo808) // Brandon Tamayo (@bboy808)              

Arnel Data (@divernl54) // J.R. Ilar (@jur808) // Troy Maeda (@tkmaeda) // Gary Soma Jr. (@sakana_sniper)

Barron Kepo'o (@barron_kepoo) // Jensen Sipe (@j_sizzle808) // Donovan Gadingan (@mopoowana) // Reyn Lazaro (@reynkai)

Kaleo @killas_one // AJ Dolphin (@lemeshou) // Brad Nakamoto (@808beebow) // Koa Ellis (@koaellis)

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