Three Tables Beach Park - September 6, 2014

Three Tables beach park is located on the North Shore of Hawai'i directly next to Sharks Cove. Like Sharks Cove it is a fish sanctuary and marine conservation district. It's a great place to take a swim with a mask and snorkel to see many tropical fish in our Hawaiian waters.

We decided to jump in for a quick swim. It wasn't long before we hit a big school of Convict Tang we call Manini. They travel in large numbers to keep each other safe from predators.

Mr. Honu was out and about cruising along the reef.

We followed him for a bit until we came across other fish.

Goatfish, White Saddle also known as Kumu in our Islands.

I took advantage of taking some 20-30 ft drops to exercise my spearfishing lungs.

Wish we could of stayed longer but the water was getting cold and we wanted to jump out the water to watch the sunset. There will be many more trips up to Three Tables Beach in the future.

Directions to Three Tables Beach Park:

GPS address 

59-727 Kamehameha Hwy
HaleiwaHI 96712