Tubing Kaukonahua Stream - July 14, 2013


This was the second time Tubing down Kaukonahua Stream in Wahiawa. PC: Justin Garo


32 of us embarked on the this tubing mission. Note: This is a very long hike before you enter the stream. If the water level is low, like that day, you will not be smooth sailing all the way down the river. We were constantly climbing over rocks through the stream because it was too shallow to pass over them with tubes. It can become very exhausting. 


Although the water was low we still had a great time ! 


Tubing Kaukonahua Stream - June 2, 2013


First time tubing Kaukonahua Stream. I do not recommend buying inflatable whales, turtles, or anything that will have your legs submerged. Tubes are the best to prevent you from getting cuts and bruises.


The river was flowing great that day!