Upper Makua Cave - April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday in Hawai'i well spent in the mountains.

It was a nice hot beautiful day to head out to the west side of Oahu for a short, quick an easy hike. Easy if you know where to go!

Here's a tip! There is two trails that go up the mountain, keep right going up. It's easier.

There's a lot harder rocks deep into the ground than the other side. Better place for gripping.

The trail is easy to miss, keep an eye out!

This view will never get old.

It was a pretty hot day, we cooled off in the cave enjoying the view for about an hour. Luckily we had the cave to ourselves for quite a while! It was about two years ago since we last did this hike and a lot has changed. Before there was no trail, we hiked through straight brush & the cave used to smell like bird doodoo from all the birds that used to nest here. Now the smell is gone and there is a trail to follow. This hike has become pretty popular but we must all do our part in respecting the land here.

ALOHA! Until the next time Upper Makua Cave! Special Mahalo to Natural Vibe Clothing Co. for the sick Tee!