Waterfalls with Anuhea - October 5, 2014

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Big island never fails to show us all the wondrous things Hawai'i is made of. Kona, Waimea, Hilo… all different areas in their own ways. Ambassador Anuhea Chang and her friends, who live in Hilo showed what us what they do on the weekends.... Waterfalls, on waterfalls on waterfalls. She ventures on the weekends in search of every waterfall there is on Big Island. 

We met up with her and her friends Jacob, Josh and Dolfo. Each of them ready to venture and show us a good time. Nothing but good vibes an Aloha all around.

Can't believe to get this spot is only a 10 minute trip. Took a little longer than usual to keep all our gear safe.  Soon as we got to the falls, Jacob, Josh & Dolfo was quick to jump right in. After a bit of courage, I jumped too.

Directly next to the main falls theres another waterfall you can actually sit behind. 

Can you see Kyla & I? Thanks for the photo Anuhea!

Took advantage of snapping a few photos.

We cruised, talked story then headed to the second spot they wanted to show us!

The second spot they took us was amazing! So many waterfalls all around.


Heres two.

& another. I think there was a total of 8 waterfalls in that area.

But this falls was the main attraction.

We quickly jumped in and swam to one of their favorite spots...

Check out this cave behind the falls! Super sick!

We wanna give a huge mahalos to Anuhea, Jacob, Josh & Dolfo for the awesome experience. Good times, with good conversation, and great people. We can't wait for our next trip to venture with you guys all over again. Aloha a hui hou (until we meet again).